Local Express Delivery and Local Courier Services serving most cities in Malaysia

With one of the highest on-time delivery rates in the country, EVEREST provides Local Express Delivery and Local Courier Services to almost every city in Malaysia. A professional courier service is the main focus of this service from EVEREST. We ensure that your package arrives on time in a safe and professional manner. EVEREST is the easiest choice for your same day delivery options.

Local Delivery and Local Courier deliveries range from an envelope to several large pallets of packages. Our delivery team is equipped with vehicles to handle all of your packages.

EVEREST has really begun to leverage the local same day delivery business with its technology. Providing free quotes online, online order entry and tracking, package tracking via GPS. Such efficiencies allow EVEREST to offer the best value-added price while maintaining a very high level of service.

Your Local Express Delivery needs are always met with EVEREST, by providing customer service from your mobile, on your computer or via the telephone, EVEREST is available in real-time for all of your customer challenges. We are there to answer your calls exactly when you need it. Local Courier Services offered by EVEREST are delivered within the timeframe you require. Feel free to click on any of the service levels to learn more.

Direct Delivery

Our closest first available driver is immediately dispatched to pick up your shipment and proceed directly to your delivery point. Use this service when your package must get there ASAP!