About Us

Started our EVEREST journey the year of 2003 as a dispatch service in the Lebuh Ampang Mc Donald & share facilities temporarily for sorting dispatch documentation work. After 6 months of hard work, we manage to get a new office for rent to operate EVEREST towards providing quality dispatch service.

Rising Clicks Of Everest

In the year of 2005, we brand and labelled our dispatch services as Everest Worldwide Express Sdn Bhd. Slowly, we manage to buy and owned Everest office unit at Menara KLH Jalan Kasipillay off Jalan Ipoh KL. Our courier businesses continuously progressed well and the platform gave us the turning point to expand Everest towards venturing into a Total Supply Chain.

Year 2008

We started to collaborate and work together with MNC company to deal logistics.
I explore and venture business by giving more outsources. We starts developing our business by giving priority to the needs and requirements of customers and their satisfaction on services. We always respect and follow the 3 core value or mantra of our business which is honesty, sincerity, and trust with our clients for every deal of Everest Services.

Year 2011

Everest Distribution Sdn Bhd well established in the year of 2011.
Distribution services of FMCG and MNC products in East and West Malaysia were progressed well. We built our Everest team by giving all kind of business exposure, experiences, motivation, problem solving skill knowledge and daily guidance to fulfil the given task with quality.

Year 2014

Everest Company expanded by establishing Everest Movers Sdn Bhd towards providing the best solution to relocate and shifting household and office. With the establishment of Movers, we successfully brought Everest to the complete chain of Total Supply Solution.

Consistent and Predictable Results

EVEREST is a vision of a man whom thinking that. Customer deserved to get the best from the service from the same day delivery business. Providing same day delivery and distribution of products as small as an envelope to a truck load of skids, EVEREST is built with efficiency in mind. We can move a package across the city or across the nation quicker, safer, more reliably than your current provider, it is a promise we'll make as per our tag line... No One Does Courier & Logistics Like We Do

Peace of Mind

Everest has hinged its success on two primary areas: its people and technology. We are led by a team of first-rate managers--experts in their fields--who are given the freedom and authority to run their operations the way they know best. From top to bottom, we have assembled an elite team of employees, with numerous years of experience in the courier, freight, and warehousing industries. In addition to a team of exceptional employees, Everest is committed to investing in the latest technology, using state-of-the-art communication equipment and highly automated systems to provide our clients unparalleled service. Through software and scanning equipment, we are able to provide our clients with "real time" signatures and delivery times when requested. It's the combination of the top-notch employees and cutting-edge technology that has allowed us to improve service and customer care while expanding our business rapidly. Whether you have a large order to ship involving multiple heavier shipments, or a need as small as a briefcase delivered across town & global... We have the experience and expertise to get the job done.

Unique Vision

Today EVEREST is the most widely recognized leading provider of same day delivery, logistics and distribution services in the Malaysia & S'pore . We have a vision to drive the demand of same day delivery services through education and partnerships with many retailers and distributors around the globe. We will be the first company to offer global same day delivery and we see that we will do this with a service level, commitment and peace of mind that no other company will offer...
We know what the best for you.